Sunday 16 February 2014

Sunday Sunshine

It has been wonderfully bright and sunny today.  Although the rain does not worry me too much, it was pleasant to be out in sunshine.  We went up the Wenallt to look for Dee.  As she was not in the top fields we had a little walk in the wood before going down to the yard to find her.

The light was lovely – soft and bright.  The undergrowth is full of shoots.

The little rivulets are not running as fast as last time we were walking in Coed y Wenallt, so there were not so many little waterfalls.  This water was flowing quite fast but is beautifully clean and clear.

We found Dee in the field by the yard tucking into a nice pile of hay.  She was pleased to see us and graciously accepted apple treats.  She was sharing her hay with one of the rescue ponies at Briwnant.  Dee—as lead mare—often looks after the old, the young and the sick in the herd.

I don’t know whether ’ö-Dzin’s lovely smile was for me or Dee.  Can you see her long eyelashes?  She had a rather muddy neck.  We had to adjust her rug so she had probably been rolling.

We then walked up the hill to the stable block and found Red enjoying a feed.  He also accepted stroking and a few horse treats.  We have not seen him on our recent visits, and I had forgotten what a fabulous colour he is, but it was too dark in the stable to get any good shots of him this time.

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