Ngakma Nor’dzin Pamo is a qualified and experienced teacher. She teaches Vajrayana Buddhism, Jong Dar (yoga), and meditation practices at both public and private events throughout the year in the UK and internationally. She is one of the two main teachers at Aro Ling Cardiff.

As a teacher in the Aro Lineage of Nyingma Buddhism, Ngakma Nor’dzintogether with her husband Ngakpa ’ö-Dzinexemplify the ancient Tibetan house-holder tradition in the modern world. The title Ngakma’ indicates that she is an ordained practitioner in this tradition.

Her daily interaction with her family and with her students is her practice. Her kindness, practicality & clarity of presentation are an inspiration to fellow practitioners & to all those who encounter her.” – Rindzin Pamo

Ngakma Nordzin holds a post-graduate certificate in education and has taught in schools, and in community education, as well as at Buddhist events since 1982.

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The photograph shows her teaching Aro Pulse Diagnosis at Aro Ling Bristol Buddhist Centre, October 2010.