Monday 14 March 2011

Janet Fitch's 10 rules for writers

I recently joined the Books and Writers group on Linkedin.  Sometimes they offer links to helpful articles. I particularly liked 'Janet Fitch's 10 rules for writers' published in the LA Times last summer by Carolyn Kellogg.

Janet Fitch is the author of 'White Oleander' and 'Paint it Black'. The full text of her writing guidelines can be seen on her blog, but the headings of the rules are here to whet your appetite:

  1. Write the sentence, not just the story.
  2. Pick a better verb  
  3. Kill the clich√©.  
  4. Variety is the key.  
  5. Explore sentences using dependent clauses. 
  6. Use the landscape.  
  7. Smarten up your protagonist.  
  8. Learn to write dialogue.  
  9. Write in scenes.  
  10. Torture your protagonist.

The article also has a useful group of references to other writers for further research.

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