Friday 15 February 2013

Aro Encyclopaedia

Today I have been working on Aro Encyclopaedia – one of the websites of the Aro Lineage.  It is arguably the largest website of Vajrayana images, teachings and information in the world – and it is certainly used as a resource worldwide.  In its current form I maintain it and ’ö-Dzin is the technical whizz kid in the background.  I had to fast-track learning how to code HTML when we took over the site from the previous manager who had done a brilliant job of establishing the site over many years.

The images I have uploaded today are of the owl-headed dakini – ’ug Dongma (’ug gDong mKha’ ’gro – Ulukha-mukha Dakini).  This wonderful thangka was painted by Ngakma Pema Zangmo and it is a spectacle of painting mastery as well as an inspiring Vajrayana visionary image.

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