Friday, 10 May 2019

Visual tangling encyclopædia – pages 9 and 10

When I started the tangling exercises for my encyclopædia I grouped the tangles in types – ribbons, grids, motifs. I started with favourite tangles, but then decided to include every tangle I had ever learned in one or more exercise. These two pages—9 and 10—are the last two that have a theme to them. It is interesting how the majority of tangles I know can be categorised as ribbon or border tangles. They far outnumber the others. There are also quite a lot of grid patterns.
I think these two pages illustrate a change in the quality of my line. This was where I started to slow down and become more meditative in my execution. I think the evolving ribbon of exercise 9 is fun. They flow into one another quite nicely. I enjoyed trying to draw the spiral patterns in a spiral shape from the classic printemps centre in exercise 10 – though it did lose its structure a little part way through.
Exercise 10  –  spirals
Exercise 9 – ribbons

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