Friday 13 February 2015

Muslim Council of Wales Interfaith dinner - the need of faith in the 21st century

On Wednesday 4th I attended the Muslim Council of Wales’ lecture and dinner to celebrate ‘The United Nation Interfaith Week 2015’. The main speakers were a Muslim, Shaykh Dr. Asim Yusuf, and a Jew, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. The theme of the event was ‘the need of faith in the 21st century’.

It was quite a grand affair. The room used at City Hall, Cathays Park, is beautiful anyway, but it was even more spectacular with all the chairs covered in white brocade fabric with large, glossy bows.

The speakers were excellent. It was interesting to observe the zeal of the young Muslim for his faith, in contrast to the sense of the older Rabbi being more comfortably settled into his belief. Apart from certain aspects of their speeches, where the atheism of Buddhism will inevitably lead to a different perspective, I found myself in complete harmony with their words.

The advertised schedule for the evening was wildly optimistic and everything ran about an hour and a half late. After a late but fine meal, at 11 pm I gave up on dessert ever arriving and went home. My invitation did not unfortunately arrive till the following Wednesday, having been sent to the wrong Buddhist Centre. I love the pattern on the front and may cut this out and keep it to use as a bookmark.

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