Sunday 1 February 2015

Documented Life Project 2015

Week 1: book paper, aims 
I am enjoying my Documented Life Project this year. Rather than using a diary, as I did last year, I am using a scrap book. This is much better. The paper is thicker so that the previous week’s work does not bleed through and the pages stay flatter after being painted. The pages are also smaller so that it is not such a daunting prospect to fill them. I have allocated a page a week, but I can always add in a page for a week when I want to record more – such as collaging a special card, or happy mail, or something like that.

Week 2: gesso; starting point for creativity
Art to the 5th is approaching the weeks a little differently this year as well.  Each month there is a theme. January’s is ‘the blank page’. Then they offer an art challenge and a journal prompt. The art challenge refers to a technique or medium – as far as I can tell after only four weeks. The journal prompt offers a starting point for the journal content of the page.

Week 3; the colour wheel; shapes and colour
I am keeping brief journal notes about my week separately in an ordinary diary, and using the art journal for ‘highlights’. This means that I can be creative without being limited by needing lots of writing space.

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