Monday 9 July 2012

Dance practice

We always include some form of physical practice in our retreats.  It helps to keep the body relaxed and supple so that the mind is more alert in meditation.  For this retreat I taught several period dances as an aspect of natural heroism.  Practising in a damp field—with some dancers wearing wellington boots—may not be an exact expression of the elegance of Jane Austen, yet the sense of engagement, dignity and refinement were present nonetheless.  For most of the time there were only six of us available to dance, so this made Hole in the Wall and Mr Beveridge’s Maggot a little limited.  Everyone learned the dances really quickly – perhaps because there were so few of us and we were constantly in or out and changing from a first to a second.

Samten's land is bordered in part by a delightful stream in a small woodland.
A firepit was created and a fine evening was spent keeping warm while gazing at the dancing flames.

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