Sunday 8 January 2012

If you’re ever in Cardiff Bay...

For Christmas I bought ’ö-Dzin a book called “Wales: The 100 Places to See Before You Die(by John Davies and Marian Delyth, Y Lolfa publishers).  We are hoping to actually try and visit these places over the next few years.  Some will need planning and time, but quite a few of them are easily accessible being in South Wales.  Today we made a start by visiting Cardiff Bay.

I have always loved the Pierhead Building – especially the way it seems to manifest straight out of the ground.  It was particularly interesting looking at it today as it so reminded me of the sandstone carving at the Red Fort and Agra Fort in India which we visited last month.

Afterwards we had a pleasant meal at Cosmo, a Pan-Asian restaurant.

The Pierhead is red brick.
This picture is the most accurate rendition of the colour of the brickwork.
They are doing renovation work so part of the building is covered in scaffold.
A slightly odd monument to Scott of the Antarctic with the Norwegian Church behind it.
This is a war memorial.  From a different angle it looks like the prow of a ship.

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