Monday, 4 December 2017

Happy birthday one year old

Today was my grandson’s first birthday. My how they change in the first year! He is such a little personality now and an absolute delight. I am thoroughly enjoying being a grandmother.

Smiley and happy from an early age.
Richard and Steph have adopted an interesting approach to feeding. As soon as Sam started taking solid food they gave him pieces to pick up and eat by himself. They did not puree food or feed him from a spoon. I was a bit dubious at first, but it has proved to be brilliant. His manual dexterity is unusually good. He can pick up single peas, with ease. It has also meant that family meals are a really shared experience. No one has to have their meal going cold while they help Sam, because Sam just feeds himself.
He loves books.
I am looking forward to seeing how he changes in the next year, and starting to walk and talk. I will be looking after him for two days a week in January as his nursery place will not be available for a full week  until February - so that should be fun.

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