Wednesday, 29 November 2017


I find zentangling very relaxing and artistically satisfying. The use of simple lines and shading creates artistic surprises. Usually I do not have any expectation of how a piece will look when I start out. The experience has become even better since I started tangling on square cards 9cm x 9cm, rather than in a sketchbook, because I naturally turn the square as I work. This overcomes the fixation with what is the top and what is the bottom and seems to free the mind even more. This is part of the ethos of zentangling.
First attempt to draw 'jewels'

There is a back story to zentangling that can present it as a spiritual practice. I would not go so far as to say that my zentangles are spiritual works! They are fun. Sometimes I am happy with them; sometimes I am less happy with them. I enjoy that they are small and can be completed in a session, or two at most. I value trying to perfect a line - but am still too slapdash at this. There are many people out there who generously share their ideas and I enjoy learning from them all.

Created from a FB prompt
I follow and enjoy using their strings and patterns. I have just started following Studio ML and using the weekly challenge she sets as a starting point. There are also a number of groups on FaceBook, some of whom will offer prompts from time to time. Sometimes the limitation of a prompt is a good starting point. At the bottom are a few more links in case you want to have a go. Beware of those who are making a business out of zentangling - there is a sufficient community of open-hearted contributors giving ideas for free.

From Studio ML prompt #342
FB Zen Treasure Trove
FB Zentangle Enthusiasts
FB For the Love of Tangling
FB Entangled in Zentangle

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