Thursday, 24 July 2014

Feeding the birds - animations part 1

We visited Ye Olde Tea Rooms at Bosherton a couple of times during our week in Pembrokeshire. We enjoyed feeding the birds, but it was frustrating trying to capture pictures of them - they were so fast. I put my camera on the mode that shoots off 10 fast takes in a burst. This leads to a lot of images to delete but occasionally there is a gem of a photograph.

As I was clicking quickly through the photos it occurred to me that they were like a flick book, so I have made a few animated gifs from some of the sets of 10 shots.

There are rather large files so I will only put up one per post. This one looks a bit manic but shows just how fast a sparrow can move in less than a second. He could not decide whether he was or wasn't brave enough to pick up the piece of scone.


  1. BTW: you can duplicate the images and then reduce the file size and still get great image on the web. You are right the ones you have posted here take forever, so I gave up. You should always reduce image sizes before posting on the web.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I had reduced them, but clearly not enough. I have reposted the gifs much reduced and I hope you can see them now. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  3. Yes, that is better for the bottom pic, the top two are slow. As a rule of thumb, resolution of 36 is fine and keep pics under 500 kilobytes (if I remember correctly). Then they will be speedy.
    The top one is pretty!


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