Thursday, 22 February 2018

Happy New Year.

Welcome to the year of the Earth Dog.

We had a wonderful weekend of celebrations for Lo-gSar (Tibetan New Year), and I enjoyed wearing Tibetan clothing for the Saturday, and Bhutanese clothing for the Sunday.

Hopefully this will be a fruitful and creative year. My latest book is coming on well and will hopefully be published this year. It is on the subject of bLo-sByong (Lo-jong - Mind Training) by 'Chhad-kha-ba Yes-shes rDo-rJe (Chekawa Yeshé Dorje, 1101-1175), and the 59 slogans.

I will also be creating zentangles, which I find a most enjoyable occupation. I introduced zentangling in an earlier post. It is an artistic form which embraces non-figurative creativity. The work is turned as it is created so that it is free from the concept of orientation. The piece evolves of itself from the tangles (patterns) employed. The tangles are created from five elements: the dot, the straight line, the curved line, the reverse curved line, and the orb or circle. Here is a recent piece.

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