Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Settling in

The sign painted by a member of staff.
Mum is settling in to Cathedral View as well as can be expected for someone who has lived independently in her own home till the age of 95.  I see that she does not really like it there, but it is tolerable and she accepts it as an unavoidable necessity.

I visit as often as I can and take her out for a trundle in the wheelchair when the weather permits.  She does not really cope with long visits now, so I usually only go for one to two hours.  She had another fall last week and has some cuts and bruises from that.  She is remarkably philosophical about this – although often she also does not remember that she has fallen.  Her walking is still not good and she is quite dependent on carers to take her wherever she needs to go within the home.

Mum is very changeable – some days bright and lively, some days hardly able to stay awake when I visit.  The day pictured here was a bright day, and she enjoyed being taken out to the park.  The home are arranging for her to get a new wheelchair and hopefully it will be more substantial that this one.

It is a lot less stressful for me knowing that Mum is safe, eating well and looked after.  I hope she will make real friends in the home eventually and feel that it is more than tolerable.

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