Friday, 21 November 2014

Stall, events and appreciation - Aro Ling Buddhist Centre and being an author

Gosh this week has been busy! We had our usual weekly events at Aro Ling Cardiff Tibetan Buddhist Centre, and then on Sunday had a stall in Whitchurch Village. The event was the illuminating of the Christmas lights in the village. A great number of people came along to the event, and we gave out quite a few leaflets and had nice chats with a number of visitors to the stall.

This was followed on Monday with a journey up to Birmingham with my son to visit my 99 year old aunt. We took her out for lunch and then a walk round the park which she thoroughly enjoyed.

There have also been several trips to the vet for our younger cat, Spots. I say younger, but even she is an old lady now. She has one pupil fully delayed in her right eye that does not return to normal. Poor thing.

To finish the week on a delightful note, I received some very nice feedback on my first book Spacious Passion from a lady via Facebook. She has posted a review on Amazon. I am hoping that there will be two new books published in 2015.

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