Monday, 19 September 2011

Wise words from our elderly Tibetan friend

'ö-Dzin & Zonga Thongyal 1990
For many years we have been helping an elderly Tibetan gentleman who lives in McCleod Ganj, northern India.  He is now in his late 80s.  We hear from him two or three times a year.  As is quite common with Tibetans of past retirement age, he spends most of his time practising.

Sadly I have never had the opportunity to meet him in person, though 'ö-Dzin did meet him when he went on pilgrimage to McCleod Ganj in 1990.

I was particularly touched by our Tibetan friend's PS to his most recent letter:
“It's very good to do meditation.  I felt happy that you are practising it.  It will help you, not only in this life but in next life also.  Please continue it.”

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