Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Battlecry of Freedom – slogan 12: Drive all blames into one

I think the slogan from the Seven Points of Mind Training that has most affected me in terms of the transformation of my view, is slogan 12: Drive all blames into one. This embraces the view of taking responsibility absolutely and completely without compromise.

Identity as a fixed, unchanging reality––as a thing that permanently abides––is the primary delusion. It is the source of all pain, aggression, hatred, prejudice, discrimination, disinterest. It is to blame for everything.

'If I am in the saddle, I have the identity of a rider. If I am in the stable grooming the horse, I have the identity of a groom. If I am lying in the dirt watching the horse disappearing down the trail, I have the identity of a pedestrian. 
The identity of rider dissolves into emptiness when I dismount. The identity of groom dissolves into emptiness when I leave the stable. The identity of pedestrian dissolves into emptiness when I find my horse grazing, and get back in the saddle. Identity arises, abides, and dissolves – as is the same with all phenomena. Any impression of continuation is illusory.' 

'The illusion of a self-existent identity is isolating and selfish
– I am in pain, which is much more important than your pain. 
The illusion of a self-existent identity prevents enjoyment and appreciation
– you are happy, but I cannot appreciate it, because it is not my happiness. 
Pain is pain – the identity associated with pain is irrelevant.
Practitioners wish to alleviate pain. 
Happiness is happiness – the identity associated with happiness is irrelevant.
Practitioners enjoy and appreciate happiness, and wish to increase it.

Even if there is no intention to harm from my own side, I am still the cause of others' pain. I am the object that made you angry  even though I didn't mean to. I am the person of whom you are jealous  even though I am just doing my own thing. I am the reason you felt overlooked and unloved  even though I didn't intend to ignore you. Taking the blame does not have to be associated with guilt and martyrdom. It is just recognising that everyone is confused and lacking awareness, and sometimes simply being there can aggravate that. It could be my delusion of an inherent identity that is the problem, or yours. The cause remains the same. Recognising this is driving all blames into one, and taking responsibility at a profound level.

'To take the blame for everything is to understand the root cause of all pain and unhappiness as the belief in an inherently existent identity. Practitioners take responsibility for this mistaken view. To be able to embrace the view of taking on the blame for anything and everything, is the most extraordinarily powerful practice of awakening.'

Extracts from Battlecry of Freedom by Ngakma Nor’dzin, Part II  the slogans;
to be published by Aro Books worldwide in 2019.

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