Friday, 12 October 2018

Inktober zentangles

We have the builders in at home at the moment, which is a most distracting experience. Sometimes they turn up, and sometimes they don’t. When they turn up their work is first class, but they are so unreliable that they are already a week behind schedule. Today was a no-show day, so I went for a long walk once I had given up on them. It was good to be out in the windy weather, away from our half-finished lounge.

I’m catching up with my Inktober tangles. Here are my tiles for 7th - 12th October. The 12th of October tile is also my zentangle for the IAST challenge #264, which happened to include the tangle heartswell.

07 - onion drops

08 - cockles 'n' mussels

09 - fe-ba
10 - sez

11 - copada

12 - heartswell

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