Thursday, 18 October 2018

Inktober zentangles – 13th to 17th

Here are the next five of my tiles for the Inktober Zentangles challenge. The five tangles for these days were: Dewd, Ando, Inapod, Joki, and Narwal. I knew Dewd and Inapod already, but the other three were new to me.
13 – Dewd
Dewd had been a tangle that did not really attract my interest when I first came across it. It seemed a bit simple and obvious. However, in using it for a monotangle I quickly realised it is far more clever and subtle a pattern than my first impression grasped. In fact I had to discard my first attempt at a tile because I kept making mistakes in drawing the tangle. Although it looks like the inner lines create separate areas, the white background is in fact continuous. Fascinating. This is one of the things I love about zentangle.
14  – Ando
Ando is a lovely ribbon pattern. I decided to use it to create a zen-button. I’m happy with the result.

15 – Inapod
16 – Joki
I love the swirls of Joki and am sure to use it again.
17 – Narwal
I couldn’t wait to start drawing when I saw this tangle. So clever and so lovely.

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