Saturday, 23 June 2018

Pembrokeshire delights - barnacles, Dinosaur Park, and Saundersfoot beach

Here are three more tangled images from holidays in Pembrokeshire.
Dinosaur Park, near Dinbych-y-Pysgod
We’ve visited the dinosaur park a couple of times. Although it is entirely a tourist site aimed at children, and not usually our sort of place to visit, the setting is rather pleasant. There is a delightful woodland walk. The walk is enjoyable and simply has the occasional dinosaur model among the trees beside the path.

These were washed up all along North Beach, in Dinbych, one summer. We have only ever once seen them lying at the water’s edge like this at low tide. Hopefully they survived until the tide came back in.

Saundersfoot beach rocks
One year we stayed in Saundersfoot for one week and Dinbych for the second week. Saundersfoot offers lovely beach walks in both direction from the town. This going west, towards Dinbych. The rocks are slipped and folded and range in colours - perfect for experimenting with tangles to hint at the patterns in the rock.

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