Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sunday outing – eating, walking, misty vistas

The water looks cold.
We had a nice day out on Sunday. We met Daniel at the Farmer’s Market on the embankment opposite the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. We indulged in fantastic onion bhajis from Kimi Catering and burgers from another stall. Before buying the burgers, we walked back up to the other end of the market to buy delicious rosemary rolls to put the burgers into. I don’t quite understand why anyone selling organic, farm-reared meat would put their burgers in pappy white shop rolls. It was so much nore enjoyable in a decent roll. End of rant.

Wall of water opposite the Millennium Centre.
The day was not promising in terms of the weather but we decided to walk along the riverbank for a while. This turned into walking to the bay. We had refreshments at the Millennium Centre and then caught the river bus, Princess Katherine, back to Taff Embankment where we had left the car. The misty view across to Penarth Head was delightful.

Waiting for the water bus
The Princess Katherine emerging from the mist.
We ended the outing by taking Dan back to Pontypridd. He had had a little mishap with a heater—as his central heating is broken at the moment—and I was able to cut out the piece of scorched carpet and glue in a piece of matching spare carpet, so that it hardly shows. He had a close call there.

In the evening, I made what I think are the final corrections to the next book: Illusory Advice. It will be out in the spring. More on that soon.

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