Friday, 12 September 2014

Rubber ducks

The new pond, and the rivulet we have made from it to the old pond below, brings me such joy. We have the pump on a timer and every afternoon I sit there for a little while. I listen to the water and watch the rubber ducks dancing in its flow. The moving water has rid the pond of the stranglehold of the duckweed. I have also halved the water-lily which was a little crowded and its has a new flower. We hope that the newts and frogs that live in the old pond will do better with the more aerated water and an open surface free of duckweed. I have seen frogs over the last couple of days, but I haven’t seen a newt for a while.

We have had the two rubber ducks for a while and I like the way they are played with by the water flow. There was a gnome in a boat that I quite liked the look of when we visited the garden centre. If I put that in the pond however, I would run the risk of being excommunicated by all friends of good taste!

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