Monday, 15 September 2014

The amazing peel, core and slice machine!

I used to dread the chore of dealing with our apple crop, until I discovered this little machine. At first I could not quite believe its claim to peel, core and slice an apple at the turn of a handle – but that is exactly what it does. It comes highly recommended. No longer do I have to spend hours doing this job until my hands are sore.

Put an apple on the spike
Turn the handle and the apple moves across the peeling blade.
The coring and slicing blade runs through it.
You are left with a core on the spike, peel,
and an apple sliced into a spiral.
I have four categories of apple:
  1. perfect – these are individually wrapped and stored in the garage until the less-than-perfect are eaten;
  2. almost perfect – these are stored in the fridge for eating over the next few weeks;
  3. bruised or blemished – these are processed using the clever machine, and then stewed and frozen;
  4. seriously bruised or blemished – these—if worth keeping at all—are processed by hand and then stewed and eaten as soon as possible.
The machine will cope with surface bruises, imperfections of shape and blemishes. It will not cope with deep bruises in the flesh of the apple or a soft core. I so love devices like this that are simple and efficient.

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