Friday, 21 June 2013

Rhinos grazing on buttercups

Detail Celtic cross, Carew Castle
The Monday of our holiday was a wet day so we stayed in town.  Tuesday was brighter so we visited Narbeth.  After browsing the shops, we had a walk by Carew Castle and the tidal mill.

Unfortunately this day was interrupted by many phone calls with the Hollies care home.  My mother was eventually admitted to hospital, so on the Wednesday we had to dash back to Glamorgan to visit her.  She had refused treatment and was very confused and upset.  I do wish they would stop sending her to hospital and just make her as comfortable as possible at the Hollies even if she is seriously ill.  As she refused treatment the hospital just sent her back anyway.  I am so glad I went.  Her first words were “I thought I’d never see you again.”  She thought I would not know where she was.  I was happy to be able to comfort her, talk to the hospital doctor, and arrange for her to go home.

Tired after all the driving the day before, and the weather being a bit mixed, we just had a beach walk in Tenby on the Thursday. 

On the Friday we visited Manor House Park, a wildlife zoo.  It was rather magical watching white rhinos grazing on buttercups in a field in West Wales.  I loved the crazy chicken.  Its feathers were beautiful but it looked quite comical

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