Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fond memories of holidays

Saturday 15th saw us packed up and driving home.  Our sons and Richard’s girlfriend spent the week with us again.  Every year for the last few years, ’ö-Dzin and I have wondered whether it will be the last holiday with our sons.  Perhaps this one was it.  Hopefully they have fond memories of their summer holidays in Tenby.

In the afternoon of the day we returned home, we visited Tafwyl, a Welsh language festival held in the grounds of Cardiff Castle.  I enjoyed a talk by Ioan Talfryn in the Learners Tent about his method of teaching Welsh, and after that a performance of Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog.  We finished the afternoon walking home through the park.

On the Monday after our return, one of our cats, Spots, had to have an operation. She had skin cancer on her ears and they had to be removed.  I’m not posting any pictures of her because she looks a bit grim at the moment, with a shaved head and no ears.  I will post some when her fur has grown back and she is fully recovered.  She is doing well.  She hates the protective cone that prevents her from scratching her healing ear stumps, but was much more relaxed about it by Thursday.  She has to keep this protective cone collar on until next Wednesday. 

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