Thursday, 20 June 2013

Merry gurgle of flowing water

This next few posts are catch ups.  Life has been interesting of late – a little too interesting at times.  Sometimes I yearn for a long period of non-eventful life – so that I can then complain about things being too dull!  As if.

So first off, we worked really hard in the garden for a whole weekend to install a pond above an already existing pond to create a waterfall.  It was hard work and my body complained somewhat next day.  It is not finished yet, but the hard graft of digging and moving earth is complete.  It is great, and lovely to be able to sit in the garden listening to the merry gurgle of flowing water.

My new venture is progressing nicely.  References are being taken up and the lease being negotiated.  I do not want to say too much about it until it is more a certainty – hopefully soon.

Then it was time for our annual vacation to Dinbych-y-Pysgod (Tenby) in Pembrokeshire, west Wales.  The photos show the highlights.  Most of the photos on my blog are now taken by me with my flash Canon that I had for my birthday.

Our first trip was a visit to St Govan’s chapel and Bosherton lily ponds.  The weather was glorious, and I am glad we made the most of it because we did not have another day with such fine weather.

The tide was out when we were at the chapel, so we were able to scramble over the rocks to the edge.  Some of the rock pools were deep and full of colourful plants.

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