Monday, 29 April 2013


On Saturday we had a lot of chores to complete – mostly fall out from the small fire we had in February.  The chaos created by having to gut a room completely seems to have rippled out and effected the whole house in one way or another.  The smoke-damaged room is now finished and so we are gradually straightening out the rest of the rooms where things have been stored in the meantime.

At four o’clock we were ready for a cup of tea and decided to go out to Jaspers in Llandaff for tea and scones.  It is a lovely tea room serving excellent cakes and light meals.  After enjoying material refreshment we went for a walk in Llandaff cemetery, by the cathedral.  This may sound like a strange place to go for a walk, but it is one of my favourite places.  The cemetery is very old and has an extraordinarily hushed atmosphere.  I have written about it before when we first discovered it.  This is the first time we have visited the cemetery in the spring and I greatly appreciated the beauty of the abundance of primroses and bushes in blossom.

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