Saturday, 27 April 2013

How much clothing do I need?

It has been my habit in recent years to have a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe.  This can be a problem during the spring and autumn!  This year spring keeps snapping back into winter for a day, or even just for part of a day, so it is not advisable to store jumpers away completely at the moment.  Another tip that I picked up from somewhere, sometime, was to place any item taken out of storage on the rack with the hanger hook the wrong way round.  If, at the end of that season, it is stilll hung in that manner, this means that I have not worn it at all.  If I have not worn it at all . . . why am I keeping it?  This trick has proved valuable for weeding out unwanted clothing.

The large suitcase that stores my out-of-season clothes has always lived in a cupboard at the end of my bed.  This cupboard was formed when a slice was taken off my bedroom to create the passage and stairs to the loft when we had it converted into a room.  The cupboard is a cubby-hole under these stairs.  It has always been awkward to access because the door is large and heavy and there is not enough room to fully open it. 

I dragged the suitcase out as usual about two weeks ago and had fun rediscovering my summer clothes.  Because it is often so cold still however, I felt loathe to pack away all my jumpers but also wanted to have my summer blouses and lighter weight trousers available.  Conundrum.  Then a light shone in my mind (probably during my daily meditation session where many of my bright ideas arise and I have to let them go . . . let them go . . . and hope they reappear again at a more appropriate moment!)  Is the cubby-hole big enough to turn into a little wardrobe?  Is there sufficient height to hang blouses?

Yes it is and yes there is.  Amazingly it gives me as much hanging space again as I had in my wardrobe, plus room for 6 storage boxes.  With a curtain instead of the door it is no longer a problem to access.  So now my summer/winter storage exercise is not so extreme.  The boxes store the really heavy winter clothes but there is room to have lighter weight but warmer clothing still accessible.  Fantastic.

I have now decided that I will only ever own as much clothing as I can store in the space I have in my room.  How much clothing do I really need anyway?

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