Thursday, 19 July 2012

Summer holidays

The name of the house we rented this year.
For quite a number of years we have holidayed in September, but this year we decided to try a week away in June instead.  The disadvantage of having our primary vacation of the year in September was that we looked forward to it all through the summer and then it was pretty much straight into autumn afterwards.  It was strange going away in June because I kept feeling that the summer must be nearly over when we got home whereas in fact it was just beginning.  I like to make changes such as this in my life and undermine the tendency to get stuck in a certain way of doing things.  I enjoy noticing my mind reacting to the expection of the familiar and then being unsettled by the emptiness of change and the unexpected, and rising to the challenge/excitment/confusion/whatever emotion emerges of a new situation.  I think it becomes increasingly important to unsettle oneself a little now and then as we get older.
Street performer in Tenby

I use the word ‘summer’ loosely, as anyone reading this who lives in the UK will know that we do not appear to be having a summer in terms of weather this year.  It rains. . .  and then it rains . . . and then it rains some more!  In view of this unseasonable weather it was quite surprising that we actually had rather pleasant weather during our week in Dinbych y Pysgod (Tenby, in Pembrokeshire).  It rained hard the day we arrived and the day we left, but apart from that it was quite sunny most of the week and only rained enough to be inconvenient on one other day. 

Over the next few posts I will show you some pictures of our holiday.  We stayed in a brilliant house this year.  It was spacious and comfortable and had a separate games room.  Sorry they are a bit late – life is very full at the moment as we are doing some work on the house and Mum is back in hospital so I am dashing over there all the time as well.  More on all this soon.

Sea gazing
Wall painting in the table tennis room at the house.

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