Thursday, 19 July 2012

Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay is one of the beauty spots of South Pembrokeshire.  The route to the bay is a cliff-top walk from Stackpole Quay.
Barafundel Bay
’ö-Dzin and I decided to go a walk onto the headland beyond the bay.  We left our fellow holiday-makers—our sons, and our younger son’s girlfriend—at the beach.  The headland was vibrant with wildlife and we had a wonderful walk.  There were many wild flowers, nesting and feeding razorbills, burrows in the sandy soil near the edge of the cliffs that we assumed was a rabbit warren (though we did not actually see any rabbits), and a herd of wild ponies.
Wild flowers.
Wild ponies.
When we returned to Barafundel Bay beach we discovered that Richard and Steph had built a rather splendid sandcastle.
They were not the only sculptors on the beach however.
After a relaxing and enjoyable visit in lovely weather we walked back to Stackpole Quay for refreshments at the delightful Boathouse tea rooms.

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