Sunday, 6 October 2013

Where is Aro Ling Cardiff?

Aro Ling Cardiff opened successfully on September 28th.  It was a delightful day with a good number of visitors.  Thank you to everyone who came.  We have now been open for a full week and it has been most enjoyable.  People have attended all our different type of events - drop-in meditation, evening classes and therapy sessions.

We now have a meetup for aro ling cardiff -  Please do sign up to find out about all our events.

Our ‘front door’ is in fact the back door of Chambers Estate Agents.  This means that it is not immediately obvious that we exist to a visitor to the main shopping area of Whitchurch village.  Soon I will have an A-board at the front which will advertise our existence and indicate how to get to us from there.  I have also been working on some maps and images to use in general advertising to help people recognise and find us.

How to find aro ling from Merthyr Road in Whitchurch village.

Access to aro ling  from the car park in Whitchurch village.

How to find aro ling from the major roads around Whitchurch village.

A stylised drawing of aro ling.

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