Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Bionic Ngakma

I am now officially bionic—or Borg—having taken possession of a hearing aid.  The hearing in my right ear had deteriorated considerably and I have been struggling for a while.  I only had the aid fitted on Thursday so it is early days yet, but it is going to be quite an adjustment.  The hearing that it gives me is not what I would call ‘natural’.  It is a bit like listening to the world via a slightly tinny radio—which I guess is practically what it is—and the hearing-via-the-aid seems to dominate my hearing.  This is not surprising really as I am also a little deaf in my left ear, but not so severely.   Hopefully as I get used to it my hearing will start to feel more balanced as my brain makes the necessary adjustments.

Despite my reservations about sound quality I have already noticed the benefit in terms of conversation.  Yesterday I needed to go to a DIY store to pick up some paint and decided to be brave and wear the hearing aid.  Usually I have difficulty understanding what people are saying to me if I am not familiar with their voice or accent, but in the store I had no problem at all hearing and understanding everyone who spoke to me.  It should help a lot in meetings and perhaps I will lose my reputation for answering-the-question-that-wasn’t-asked when we are teaching.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of the Buddhist Council of Wales for 2012 and I hoping that I will find it much easier to follow what everyone is saying.

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