Monday, 4 July 2011

Tubular Bells

'ö-Dzin inherited a set of tubular bells from his great grandfather.  They have been languishing in a box for decades and finally we have pulled them out, polished them up and hung them somewhere they can be played.  There are only eight of them so what can be played is fairly limited and the music notation we have is nearly all hymns.  I remember this tune from my days of learning to play the recorder in junior school - a long time ago!

'ö-Dzin's great grandfather was called Seymour Barker and he was a bell-ringer at St John's Church on the Hayes in Cardiff.  I also used to ring bells in my teenage years at the Church of St Mary and St. Bartholomew in Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire where I grew up.  I was also a choir girl.  I had to stand on a box to ring the bell and can remember occasionally leaving the ground slightly while holding on to the sally.

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