Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Relaxing into Meditation

My new book Relaxing into Meditation is now published.  The blurb on the back says of the book:

"What exercises and practices will help us to live a life free of stress? Ngakma
Nor’dzin, a Western Buddhist Lama, guides us through relaxation and breathing exercises that lead into meditation.  The meditation methods are described in friendly and accessible language, and will enhance the lives of those who practise them. Meditation is a life skill  which increases well-being and
creates happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Relaxing into meditation draws on her experience teaching in community
education. Ngakma Nor'dzin now teaches internationally and is also the author of Spacious Passion, an introduction to Buddhist practice."

The book offers a range of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and meditation practices.  It will be useful for people who want to learn meditation; for those who have tried to learn but not succeeded in establishing a regular practice; for people whose life circumstances make it difficult to settle to meditation practice; and for experienced practitioners who would like
to learn a few techniques to keep their meditation practice fresh and alive.

It can be purchased directly from Aro Books worldwide.

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