Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Patience and good humour

I have really valued my mother's capacity to laugh at her own confusion, and to remain patient and good humoured through all the recent difficulties.  At times she was a little frightened by her disorientation, but mostly she took it in her stride.

During her time in Llandough Hospital this summer she was on four different wards altogether, plus a short period at Heath Hospital to have the pacemaker fitted. She always had a smile for whoever was caring for her and she accepted whatever needed to happen patiently. Now she is in the new nursing home and settling in well.

 I hope that I am able to work with confusion so light-heartedly when I become elderly. I already say the wrong word quite frequently or get in a mess – so it may not be so far away! As long as we can retain our sense of humour we continue to live in the human realm. Illness or old age do not give us the right to be ill-tempered and difficult to work with. Thanks for the reminder Mum!

My mother seems to be very much living in the present moment just now without any clear understanding of the passing of time. It is as if she is slowly losing her grasp on the reality of this life, and any sense of its continuity. She just is with whatever is happening in the moment. I feel that as long as she continues to have a happy mind and is able to find humour in her situation, it bodes well for a peaceful passing and for her next life when the time comes.

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