Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Tangle paintings

As well as creating tangle exercises this year (see last week’s post), I am going back to tangle paintings. These are created from my photographs. I made a few of these in 2016, but have not really continued exploring this since then. I have been influenced by the ‘purists’ in the world of tangling, and those who regard it as a meditative practice. Some say that tangle art should only be in pen and ink, with pencil for shading. Some say it should not have an upside or a downside or look like something when finished. Some insist on beginning with a string that arises in the moment as part of a meditative process. This is all good. I have no problem with any of this – but I can be whatever sort of artist I wish to be, and I enjoy my tangle paintings.
Goscar Rock, North Beach, Tenby, 2016
Here are the two I have created so far this year from photographs taken in 2015.
Whitchurch Chimneys, tangle painting 2019

Castell Coch, tangle painting 2019

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