Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bhutan Pilgrimage

Dordenma Buddha statue, Thimphu
I have just been fortunate in having the most amazing experience - a pilgrimage to Bhutan. It is an extraordinary country and the most civilised place I have ever been. They may not be at the forefront of development and modern living standards, but they absolutely understand that civilisation is not about how much you earn or how much you own. Their focus is on ‘Gross National Happiness’ and the West can learn a lot from them.
Dochula Pass
As a practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism, it was so valuable to visit a Vajrayana country. Even more so than in Nepal or India, being a practitioner, and displaying that in my dress and demeanour, is totally understood and respected. The landscape is spectacular, and the manner in which they are protecting their religion, culture and heritage is exemplary. It is not possible to gush too much about Bhutan!

At Tak-tsang, Tiger's Nest
It is expensive to visit, but once you have arrived everything is taken care of - from bottles of water while travelling, to picnic lunches, to admissions to sites, and so on. There is no need to pay for anything extra if you do not want to. Our only real extra expenditure was donations at lhakhangs (temples). Our group has created a Flickr account with photos of the pilgrimage:

I have been able to meditate in some of the most inspiring places on Earth - places where Padmasambhava practised, as well as many other great historic practitioners. It has been inspiring beyond words.

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