Friday, 24 March 2017

Art Journal 2017

I have started my Art Journal for 2017. A couple of people said they wanted to join in with me this year, so I have been providing prompts for them – like I followed when I first began the Documented Life Project in 2014.

January’s prompts were:
Materials/techniques – text as texture
Include – a pocket or flap
Focus – aspirations for 2017

Last year most of my journal pages were drawings or paintings taken from photographs of a key event for the month. I want to move away from this a little this year and return to playing with a variety of techniques and materials. If I do a particular drawing or painting I would like to do it from life, rather than from a photo.

Last year I discovered zentangling and this featured strongly in the style of my art work last year – and will continue to do so this year. Above is January’s journal page. The background is texture from text. The pocket is a piece of card with zentangle patterns glued to the page. The arrow-headed sticks are slotted into the pocket. They detail my aspirations for 2017.

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