Thursday, 2 April 2015

Clarkson, kindness and natural wisdom


My son Daniel also writes a blog called Unstable Orbit and recently posted about the response to the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson. This led me to his link to another post on Sturdy Blog, also talking about Clarkson.

I was struck by this paragraph:

What gets me even more agitated is that those who defend him, do so on the basis of “freedom to cause offence” – that’s an interesting phrase for people who deny that words have power, isn’t it? They think they’re somehow being “edgy” and rebellious by supporting the dullest, most humdrum, tiresome, archetypal establishment figure. You know what is “edgy”? Kindness. Because it is extremely rare and often has a personal cost. Any arsehole can offend. And does.’

Do you know what is ‘edgy’? Kindness.’ Well said. Absolutely. Being kind is often unpopular, inconvenient, makes you non-PC, and can cause embarrassment. Many times it is easier to go with the crowd, forget awareness and ignore kindness. To be kind is to be heroic. The writer at Sturdy Blog displays natural wisdom. If we all stood up and were kind; if we all let kindness be the default stance of all our actions – no one would ever be assaulted or racially abused, and the world would be a delightful place to live.

Tantra is the hot blood of kindness. 
It is what keeps us rooted in this precious human rebirth.

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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