Friday, 13 March 2015

Documented Life Project – the theme of ‘layers’

I was quite excited about the February theme for the Documented Life Project. They have continued with it as factor for the first week of March. I have never really produced work specifically focusing on layers – covering things up with the next layer and gradually building up an image. It has made me try out new things and be less precious about each part of the creative process.

I seemed to start quite well. I was pleased with this one (week 6)  included printing and collage.

week 6
The next one I was pretty happy with as well (week 7) – included layers of text, a photograph and drawing..

week 7
The third one was nice and bright but starting to be rather chaotic (week 8) – resist areas of text, paint, applied shapes of layers of text and stamping, finished off with glitter glue

week 8
The last one for February I was not happy with  it just looks rather messy (week 9) – 1s in pen, 2s in wax crayon painted over to resist, 3s in tissue, 4s in glitter glue, high 5 collage.

week 9
And I am not too sure about this week’s either! (week 10) – an elemental mandala, covered with a doodled elemental landscape painted in gouache, with journal notes also painted in gouache.

week 10
Actually seeing them all together on a page like this, I like that they are all so different. They show that I am experimenting with different techniques and ideas. Whether or not they are ‘art’ or ‘successful’, I enjoy the process and that is all that matters.

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