Monday, 3 November 2014

Getting organised - doing it so someone else doesn't have to

One thing that helps my mind feel settled is being well organised. Having been on the receiving end of other people's lack of organisation, I would like to avoid inconveniencing anyone in this way.

At one time it was believed that computers would create a paperless workplace. Sadly this is far from true and they seem to generate even more paperwork. At least there is now the option of storing papers on-line, and scanning things as they come in, so that actual bits of paper do not necessarily have to be kept.

Over the last week we have downloaded a manual where available, or scanned the original manual for all our appliances. This has removed two large concertina files from our shelves. Thank you Google docs.

I have also sorted out the paperwork for the Buddhist Council of Wales and stored it electronically. I am possibly the first Chair in its 10 year history to hold a full set of meeting minutes, and it will be easy to pass on the documentation when the time comes.

The idea is that once the organisation is complete, hopefully by the end of the year, I will be able to keep it all up-to-date with minimum effort. When we buy something we will download or scan the manual immediately. When I attend a meeting for the Buddhist Council I will add the documents to the drive straight away.

I feel surprisingly light-hearted and virtuous knowing that much of this work is complete - free of clutter and distraction. I also really hope that when the time comes for me to go and live in a care home, or when I die, all my sons will need is passwords rather than being faced with a mountain of papers to go through.

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