Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Transforming a hut into an arbour

The work on the object-formally-known-as-the-retreat-hut continues every weekend. The roof is mostly off, as are the ends and one side. We have decided to keep the wall on the other side and to add a partial roof. Other than this it will be an open, trellised structure with plants growing
over it.

The reason for the partial roof is so that there is still the option of capturing rainwater to run off into the pond. The ponds at that end of the garden are looking most depleted, so it will be good to have some means of keeping the water levels higher. I would like to get a solar-powered pump so that there is water circulating between them, but it will be essential to be sure of a good depth of water for the pump.

We are intending to grow roses, a grapevine, a kiwi vine and a wisteria in the arbour. I have taken cutting from two lovely rambling roses, and we already have the kiwi and grape growing in pots. The wisteria is (hopefully) the only plant we will have to actually buy, and I’d like to purchase one that is quite mature so that it will have some quality of display quite quickly.

There is a small area of garden outside the arbour which is starting to look very nice. This fuschia has been magnificent this year.

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