Thursday, 27 March 2014

Vajra Romance in Vienna

The Open Teaching Retreat in Vienna, on the subject of Vajra Romance, went very well. We taught Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning, but did not leave for home till Tuesday. Sunday afternoon.and Tuesday we explored Vienna, and on the Monday we explored Forchtenstein, south of Vienna, where we stayed Sunday and Monday nights.

Here are a few photographs. Vienna is beautiful; a peaceful and delightful city. We took many photos and this is just a sample.

Sad-looking horses outside St Stephens's Cathedral
Refreshments Vienna-style, Sunday afternoon
Burg Forchtenstein
A fountain in Vienna - an example of the many fine sculptures on and around buildings.
Morning exercise at the Spanish Riding School (we found out after this that photography was not allowed).
Inside St Stephen's Cathedral with dramatic lighting
At the retreat
Palace and statue of Franz Joseph
Fabulous and delicious cakes at Central Café
Dinner at the strangely decorated 'North Pole' after teachings on Saturday

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