Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another full weekend

And so it begins. . .
We had intended for the weekend after returning home from Vienna to be mostly free, apart from a quick Buddhist Council of Wales meeting on the Sunday morning. Life had other ideas however, with Daniel’s flat purchase finally completing. So we spent all of the Saturday moving Dan into his new home. We hired a van and managed to move everything in two trips.

Ready to load.
Pontypridd station.
The flat is a nice as I remembered from our brief first inspection. I think he will be happy there. His lounge overlooks Pontypridd station where he will get the train to work. He also has good views of the hills around Ponty which will be a delight as the seasons move round.

We went into Pontypridd for a meal after our exertions. This was quite an experience! The restaurant was full of Scottish rugby fans. There was much noise, singing and good humour despite the fact that they had lost the match. It was not exactly a relaxed meal, but enjoyable nevertheless.

The Buddhist Council meeting went ahead without incident. We all agreed that we will continue to try to interest other Buddhist organisations in Wales of its existence and of its value. I will be continuing as Chair for a further three years.

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