Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Meditation group

The meditation group on Tuesday evenings at Aro Ling Cardiff is starting to build into a steady event.  It has had attendees every evening since it began and we have a few who are now regulars.  More local advertising goes out this month, so hopefully it will continue to grow.  The format for the evening is usually: Dorje Tsig Dün – the Seven Line Prayer of Padmasambhava; silent sitting; and mantra practice.  Then we have a period of discussion, or a brief teaching, or respond to questions. Tonight we talked a little about Yeshé Tsogyel and then finished the session singing her mantra.

The picture is of Smokey, the older of our two cats, who was glad that we were home and available for cuddles, and that the fire had stayed alight.

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