Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sunday walk in Parc Cefn Onn

Many berries – sign of a hard winter?
 ’ö-Dzin was not very well last week and took Thursday and Friday off work. As he intended to return to work on Monday, we decided to go for a walk on Sunday to see how he felt.  We walked around Parc Cefn Onn.

I had not been to this park for many years – not since the boys were little.  I was delighted to see that it is better maintained than I remembered from years ago, and the paths have been extended.  It is a delightful time of year to be walking among woodland, and the park did not disappoint us in revealing its autumn display.  One tree was raining leaves as we stood and watched, but it was not possible to catch the magic of this in my photograph.
A lovely mixture of greens

’ö-Dzin had an acorn fall onto his hat with a loud report.  We were not able to tell whether this was simply the wind, or a squirrel with a sense of humour.  Good job he was wearing a leather hat!

Another aspect of the park which seems much improved since my last visit, is all the little waterways running through the site.  They are clear and free-flowing, and I enjoyed the many little waterfalls.  It may be that the improvements to the park are due to Friends of Parc Cefn Onn which was formed in 2010.  More power to their efforts.

Autumn colours
Two things would make the park even more enjoyable: baffling of the motorway to reduce the noise; and a tearoom by the car park – though you may find an icecream van there in the summer months.

One thing I was sad to see was how many of the park users were ignoring the request to keep their dogs on a lead to help control the spread of Sudden Oak death (Phytophthora infection) which is a problem there at the moment.  It seems a simple thing to ask to keep the beauty of this park available for us all to enjoy.

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