Thursday, 21 March 2013

Grangetown Muslim Cultural Centre

C3SC—Cardiff Third Sector Council—organised an Interfaith Tour on the 19th March.  I did not know this, but ‘The Third Sector’ is the name given to the voluntary and community organisations.  Their vision is for: a strong, diverse and vibrant voluntary and community sector in Cardiff.

The Interfaith Tour covered six venues: Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral of St David; Grangetown Muslim Cultural Centre; the Parish Church of St. Dyfrig and St. Samson; The Salvation Army; The Cardiff Reform Synagogue; Shree Swaminarayan Temple.  I only managed to get to one of them – the Muslim Cultural Centre.

Together with about another dozen people, I was shown the main prayer room.  An Imam gave an informative talk on the Muslim faith and answered all our questions fully and in a friendly manner.  I am happy that I went and wished I could have made it to some of the others.  The first picture shows a bookcase with many books of the qur’an, and clocks showing the time in different countries.  The carpet was particularly impressive!

Not for the first time, I wished my Buddhist Lineage had a centre in Cardiff.  It would have been nice to have been included in this event.  I do not feel that our shrine room, even though it is an example of an authentic gompa, would suffice as a place to be included in such an event because it is a room in a private house.

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