Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Zentangle Inktober

Inktober is an idea that has been around for a while -- creating ink artwork through the month of October following prompts. In recent years it has been adopted by the Zentangle community. The prompts for Zentangle Inktober are particular tangles each day. I found out about it for the first time half way through October last year. This year I am joining in completely. It is quite a challenge to create a zentangle every day for a month, and I do not know whether I will succeed. It will be fun to try.

Here are my contributions for October 1st and 2nd.
01 -- Mooka

02 -- Yah with string #124
I am thinking of making all the Inktober tiles monotangles (just the single tangle as prompted), and all just in black ink and pencil. This may change as the month progresses. Yah was a new tangle for me and I really enjoyed learning it. Quite a few of the tangles over the month are new to me, so that will be fun.

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