Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Outings from Saundersfoot

The path by Colby Woodland Gardens.
No stay in Saundersfoot would be complete without a visit to the delightful, tiny village of Amroth, a little way along the coast. Usually we like to walk there along the beach, but never seemed to time it right for the tides this time. So we drove to Colby Woodland Gardens and walked down from there. 


Evening light at Amroth beach.
In the opposite direction to Amroth is a coastal feature called Monkton Point – just a rocky outcrop jutting into the sea. It is visible from Saundersfoot and from Tenby. One evening we set out along the coastal path with the intention of arriving at Monkton Point as the tide was at its lowest and enjoying a dusk walk back along the beach. Things did not go quite as planned. One stretch of the coastal path took us through a field with bullocks. After reaching Monkton Point we realised that we could not get down to the beach there and had to retrace our steps a little way. When we arrived at the field with the bullocks they became rather intimidating and would not let us pass. We tried to walk the stretch on the other side of the fence through the brambles, but it was impassable. It was starting to get quite gloomy and we were concerned at being caught in a tricky situation in the dark. So we cut across another field in the direction of lights and found ourselves in Swallowtree Caravan Park where we eventually accessed the road to walk back to Saundersfoot. It was not quite the leisurely beach stroll we had intended, but it was certainly an adventure.

Coastal path trees
A new visit for us in Pembrokeshire was Lawrenny Quay. Quayside Tearooms had been recommended to us and it was indeed wonderful. The fresh crab was delicious, and the ginger cake to follow scrumptious.
Lawrenny Quay panorama

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