Tuesday, 29 July 2014

St Govan's Chapel - an historic and atmospheric spot

One of our favourite places to visit when staying in Tenby, is St Govan’s Chapel on the coast near Bosherton. This little chapel has a wonderful atmosphere. The rocky crag (in front of the chapel from this view) is the actual cave in which St Govan practised – the chapel was added later.

St Govan's Capel & 'ö-Dzin
The chapel is approached via stone steps and it overlooks a rocky beach. On a number of occasions we have scrambled over the rocks to view the wonderful rock pools on the rock shelf further out. When we arrived the tide was in, so we waited. We practised meditation and also a little artwork.

Eventually we were able to make the intrepid journey across the rocks. It was harder than I remembered. Unfortunately ’ö-Dzin's footwear proved too slippery to negotiate the clamber and so I found myself on my own with the rock pools and crashing water.
The rocky beach. The rock shelf we wished to reach is
still covered in sea at this point.
My watercolour of the same view!
’ö-Dzin got close enough that we could call to each other, but by then I was becoming concerned about how I was going to get back! I had scrambled through a cleft in the rock and dropped down quite a distance. I could not make it back that way on my own. Eventually I found a route I could negotiate, but it was a bit hairy. Sadly I think we have to admit that this particular rock scramble is beyond us now and we will not try it again.

While I was waiting for ’ö-Dzin I did capture a few nice images however.

Rock pool with incredibly clear water.

The cleft through which I scrambled. It is about
a 4ft drop from the last rocks.

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